Sobriety Checkpoint

Please note: This Sobriety Checkpoint is only for current elected officials or candidates for elected office.
If you are not an elected official, please send the Sobriety Test to your congresspeople.

Candidates and Current Elected Office-holders - Sobriety Test Introduction:
*Only your official email may be used to verify you have taken the Sobriety Test.

The following is simple language for a Cold Turkey Amendment.  Upon officially committing here to sponsor/co-sponsor the amendment language in your elected capacity for ratification by the deadline, you are proving to constituents that you are in control and not in denial, and that you are sober enough on corporate power and money in politics to make this clear, simple and clean commitment to recovery.  More importantly, you are acknowledging that no one in a relationship with addicts in power and to power should be forced to choose between the critical changes we need now or the control of our democracy required to get those changes.  Those controlled by the addiction cannot have both, and there is only so much time before the damage caused by their addiction cannot be fixed.  Take the first step.  Commit to the Cold Turkey Amendment language below, and show us you have nothing to lose and our only future to gain.


Official National Intervention Sobriety Test

I.  As an elected official, or a candidate for elected office, I hereby publicly commit, in my official capacity as a representative of my constituents, to sponsor and vote to ratify the language of the Cold Turkey Amendment (as seen at in order to guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt that the United States is constitutionally bound to amendment language that:


1.  Affirms that corporations are not persons, but are property as regulated artificial entities.

2.  Asserts that no money, goods or services are protected "free speech."

3.  All campaigns in the United States are guaranteed to be only publicly funded.


II.  I hereby commit to sponsor this amendment language, or its equivalent in effect, for the purposes of ratification, and vote to ratify the Cold Turkey Amendment as soon as possible, and no later than the "Sobriety Checkpoint" deadline set for the first 100 days of the next Congress.


III.  I hereby acknowledge that a sober elected official easily and readily supports an amendment that affirms that corporations are not persons, money is not speech, and campaigns are only publicly financed.  Further, the influence of or addiction to corporate power and money in politics are the only reasons any elected official of sound mind would not easily and readily sponsor and vote to ratify such an amendment as soon as possible.



By adding your name below, you officially recognize these most basic pro-democracy affirmations.  We know the addiction system's cartels, distributors, and pushers make it difficult for elected officials to be much more than enablers for addicts who abuse our wealth and power at any cost.  Thank you for your commitment to recovery.

Will you sign?