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At times, more than 50% of the US potential electorate just doesn't vote. They don't trust political campaigns and they broke-up with the abuse of the addiction system years ago.
Now less than 5% of non-voters typically respond to any given candidate's campaign.

Yet, when Interventionists bring a sober candidate to their attention, over 65% of people who never vote will go to the polls. (Watch the video below for more about this!)

Unlike other dependencies, the remarkable success of our National Recovery Programs depends on individual Citizen Sponsors and Interventionists, like you. We've proven in 2016, 2018, 2020 and in recent special elections that only sober candidates can bring in and bring back voters who have broken up with the abuse of the addiction system.

There is now no such thing as a "safe district" when sobriety is on the ballot. The more congressional districts we fund, the more sobriety and recovery we can seed by the next election.

"The Beginning Is Near..."

Yours for Recovery, 

Your National Intervention Coordinating Committees
SNICC - The Student National Intervention Coordinating Committees



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