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"I can quit anytime I want."
"Prove it."

Greed is an addiction.
Addictions don't live on their own.
Addictions need support.

In any household ruled by the disease of addiction, everyone plays a role in feeding it. Thinking of our society as a household ruled by addiction to wealth and power explains a great deal of the dominant operating system of our time, the addiction system, and the abuse that often follows.

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The Official Sobriety Test

National Intervention's Sobriety Test on addiction to corporate power and money in politics is the simplest "Pass/Fail" exam that Congress, or anyone, will ever take:

Simply commit to a constitution that affirms: 

1. Corporations are NOT people,

2. NO campaign, NO candidate, and NO politician can EVER be funded in ways that can create more influence than ANY individual human citizen can exercise.

3. Hit send.

If you're a candidate, take the test here
Otherwise, you can send the test to the candidates and to your elected officials.

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In the last US election, the political ad binge alone totaled more than $16,700,000,000 in campaign spending and dark money. Building a sobriety checkpoint for this 118th Congress (2023-2025) and the next election - so that it's not another auction - means testing every elected official and candidate for federal office. That's where you come in. Sending the test now to your exact representatives lets us know who is under the influence while behind the wheel of our democracy. Whether your elected officials pass or need to be checked out of power and into rehab, you and others in your area can easily become Citizen Sponsors, build your local National Intervention Coordinating Committee, bring an intervention event to your community or campus, and help inform non-voters about sober candidates that appear on their ballot.