National Intervention

2024 Emergency Fund for Democracy

CPR: Critical Participation Recovery

Why can't candidates get more than 5% of people who quit voting to participate in such close elections?
Because people who don't vote largely do not trust anyone who would run for office.
Since National Intervention exists without a dependency on giant moneyed interests, our volunteers are trusted at the door, and that's how we're able to get more than 65% of all non-voters to vote when they see that just one "sober" candidate is on their ballot. 

Today's national sense of urgency also means that we have thousands of potential volunteers to reach those who won't otherwise vote, and get them to the polls.
The problem is that we simply cannot possibly train or coordinate all the potential volunteers in so many high-stakes states without your help right now.
In a system of addiction to power & money in politics, pre-purchased elections can leave over 100 million eligible voters too uninspired to participate. 
But, instead of millions of constituents tuning-out of the election, we could be turning them out to vote in record numbers.

By funding precinct-by-precinct volunteers committed to face-to-face conversations, we are able to deliver the only message in the country that undermines all the noise on every screen, billboard, mailer, and airwave from over $16 BILLION in campaign ad-spending alone.
(If you are considering partnering with us with a large independent contribution, please contact us here with the subject: "Partnerships").

Your support is how we have remained interdependent in our recovery work, no strings attached, and how we make history, close election after close election.
So, please do join Sobriety Sponsors nationwide and contribute whatever you can while we still have time to activate millions more.


These are not tax-deductible contributions. If you are interested in making a large, tax-deductible donation to a fiscal sponsor of our non-profit voter education work, instead, or in addition, please contact us here with subject: "Nonprofit" or call us at 202.596 VOTE (8683).


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