Sending the Sobriety Test to Your Congresspeople in the US House and Senate

Below is an invitation to your elected officials in the Senate and the US House of Representatives to take the Official Sobriety Test for addiction to corporate power and money in politics. Simply sign, send, and share.

Dear Congressperson:

National Intervention will be reporting the results of the next round of testing all current candidates and elected officials with the Official Sobriety Test for addiction to corporate power and money in politics. (Before replying with pre-packaged information on issues, like Citizens United or "free speech", I encourage you and your staff to read on and learn more).

Because National Intervention treats corporate power and money in politics as addictive substances, we call simply the addiction gripping our political system, "Greed."  I am writing to confirm that you have passed the basic sobriety checkpoint
and you are not too under the influence of your wealthy donors, corporate sponsors, or other intoxicating ingredients that have no place in a healthy democracy.
If you are not an enabler in the addiction system, this should be the easiest Pass/Fail test you have ever taken. Please take a moment to commit to its very simple pro-democracy affirmations, as other sober candidates and elected officials have. I have included more information for you below:

Congressional Sobriety Test Details:

To make official your commitment to getting clean and to a sustained recovery, go to: and login with your official email address to fill out the congressional form. The test asks that you commit to sponsoring or co-sponsoring any "Cold Turkey Amendment" language* to be ratified by a reasonable deadline, affirming that:

1. Corporations are not people
2. Campaigns are only publicly financed

*(This provides each of the key elements constitutionally required to reverse related Supreme Court rulings. Again, please review for more information about qualifying amendment proposals).

Most addicts or enablers know better than to make destructive choices, but often cannot stop themselves. Your constituents deserve to know you are sober and in control while behind the wheel of our democracy. Until we all choose recovery, we will all continue to feed the addiction system's insatiable appetite.

Perhaps you or some of your colleagues do suffer as actual addicts, having lost control and desperately needing more wealth or power, both in the campaign coffers, and in your own lives. The average person serving in the United States Congress is more likely to suffer in the same powerless relationship as We, the People now do, as codependent enablers, forced to feed the addiction system at all costs:

  • On average, congresspeople fundraise more than 4.5 hours of each day.  Elections are more like auctions and we're One Nation Under the Influence.
  • You have experienced the pressures of some of the 13,000 lobbyist pushers in the halls of our House. 
  • You know better than most the brutal consequences that can come from stemming the flow of wealth and power to those extorting it from your own constituents, our families, or our only resources.

Nonetheless, our communities and families count on you to do our bidding, not serve as an enabler in our massive national addiction system.  Failing to commit to recovery is to guarantee that we'll all hit rock bottom. 

If you have yet to take the test, my question to you is this: If you say you can quit anytime you want, then why not prove your commitment to recovery for all of us by passing this simple Sobriety Test?


Corporations are not persons with human rights, but property with privileges that may be revoked.
And only well-regulated, publicly-financed elections stand a chance against the influence of moneyed interests. Once you have committed to satisfactory amendment language, we will know we can rely on you to steer our democracy in the direction of sobriety before it's too late.

Thank you for making clear your commitment to us, not the addiction system.  I look forward to seeing confirmation of your test results for a sober democracy, free from the addiction to and influence of corporate power and money in politics.

Thank you, again.


Will you sign?