The Statement

The National Intervention Statement

We understand that corporations are not people, but those who do their bidding are people.

We understand that these people are largely addicted to power.

We understand that the power to which they are addicted has been used, then abused, and has become an addiction too overwhelming for those addicted to likely stop or help themselves from their destructive actions while under the influence.

We understand that power in a capitalist society comes largely from wealth, and that all wealth is generated by our labor and our consumption.

We understand that those afflicted with this addiction to corporate power have an opportunity to “kick the habit” but that most who suffer from addiction cannot simply stop, even when they feel out of control, even when they hate themselves for their slavery to their master addiction.

We understand that those addicted to power have shown remarkable evidence that they are too blinded by the pursuit of the next fix to quit “cold turkey,” and that the destruction caused by their addiction may have us hitting rock-bottom before they do.

We understand that in the life of any sufferer of addiction, all of those in the addict’s life are part of a system that supports the addiction until they choose to change that unhealthy dynamic in their relationship to the sufferer.

We understand that it is almost guaranteed that an Intervention will be required by those whose labor and consumption provides the substance of wealth that fuels this addiction.

We understand that there is an addiction cycle at the root of the corruption, that we, in part, enable the violence against us, our communities and our planet as the disease worsens in the addict, as we continue to submit to the Gross Domestic Violence.

We understand that if we continue to participate in our relationship to anyone who suffers from addiction, but who is unwilling to choose recovery or rehabilitation, then we also continue to provide the substance of wealth in the system of addiction.

We understand that this only perpetuates and deepens a toxic cycle of codependence and social, personal, interpersonal, spiritual, psychological, ecological and structural violence.

We understand and accept that those in power may choose to end their addiction with a constitutional amendment that ends corporate personhood, establishes that money is not speech, and makes all political campaigns only publicly funded and/or funded without disadvantaging the influence any individual citizen. We also recognize that those who feel controlled by their addiction will likely fight on behalf of their addiction, and that this fight against the process that takes away their substance may be as ferocious as that of any other addiction fighting for control and access its substances.

We affirm that our next real step after offering those addicted to power the chance to check themselves out of power and into recovery is a National Intervention until corporate interests are once again aligned with the interests of the natural people and their natural habitat.