Official Sobriety Test

Please note: This Sobriety Checkpoint is only for current elected officials or candidates en route to elected office.  
Only your official email can be used to verify you have taken the Sobriety Test. Sending this test to candidates or representatives is easy.

You may first review the background of this simple pro-democracy, "Civic Rights" affirmation and the Cold Turkey Amendment guarantees used to determine which elected officials are too "under the influence" of corporate donors and power-brokers to be behind the wheel of democracy. Take the first step. Commit to this most basic of Civic Rights language below, and show us you have nothing lose and only our future to gain.

Sobriety Test for Elected Officials and Candidates:

As an elected official and/or candidate for elected office, I hereby publicly commit, in my official capacity as a representative of constituents and supporters, to sponsor/co-sponsor and vote to ratify the language of an amendment to the constitution of the United States of America which guarantees, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that:

1.  Corporations are not people.
Corporations are not persons, but are property as regulated artificial entities, asserting, therefore, that no money, goods or services are protected "free speech" in our system.

2.  Publicly Financed Elections:
All campaigns in the United States are guaranteed to be only publicly financed, making all elections citizen-owned.

I hereby commit to facilitate during my term, in every way legally afforded me, the full passage of this amendment language, or its equivalent in effect, into law for the purposes of ratification, and to vote to ratify these constitutional guarantees when possible and as soon as possible during my term.

Simply submit your official information and response below. 

Upon officially committing here, in your elected capacity, you are proving to constituents that you are in control, not in denial, and that you are sober enough in your relationship to the substances of corporate power and money in politics to make this clear, simple, and clean pro-democracy commitment to recovery. 

Failing or failing to take the test... read more

Regardless of demands from corporate cartels, lobbyist pushers, or party distributors, interventionists want what is best for all of us. Sometimes that means checking politicians out of power and into rehab... read more

Compassion-centered support for enablers or addicted sufferers is available... read more  

We will record your commitment below as your solemnly sworn sober testimony that your choices and actions are indeed not controlled by the addiction to corporate power and money in politics or by enabling relationship(s) to others suffering from wealth and power addiction. 

We wish you well and wellness in ending our relationship to the addiction system together.  Thank you for taking the first step.

Yours in Recovery, 
The National Intervention Coordinating Committee 
The Citizen Sponsors
SNICC, Student National Intervention Coordinating Committee
The National Support Group
Congressional Cupids
Citizen Admirers
and all the Intervenionists in your home state and district

"The beginning is near..."


Will you endorse?