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Please sign this petition to elected officials for their commitment to ratify a Civic Rights Amendment, eradicating the addiction to money and power in the US political system.

We, the undersigned, call on every elected official in government to commit their vote for the ratification of a 28th Amendment, in order to enact a Civic Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution, affirming that:

1. Only human beings have constitutional rights.

2. Money is not speech in the United States and, thus, only human beings and their voices and votes are free to participate in political campaigns or elections, in shaping public policy and in influencing government officials.

3. All political campaigns are endowed with the right to be only publicly financed, free from the corrupting effects of moneyed interests.

We recognize these requirements in a Civic Rights Amendment in order to break the power addiction that has gripped and decayed the United States political routine, and in order to prevent an otherwise inevitable relapse, power imbalance and corruption to a democratic political system within the Republic.

We call on all those in both corporate and elected offices to take a stand and commit to ending his or her own addiction to power and big moneyed interests.

We call on every elected official to affirm that she or he will co-sponsor and vote to ratify such a Civic Rights Amendment abolishing corporate personhood, abrogating money as speech, and making all political campaign contributions only publicly funded, a 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution, within the first 100 days of his or her next Congressional session.

We, in our communities, block-by-block, precinct-by-precinct, recognize that it is very difficult for people to acknowledge their addictions or choose to recover from them, but that in the absence of a timely amendment remedy, we will have no choice in drawing strong boundaries in the otherwise intolerably abusive relationship to addicts in power and in our forced service to Greed, the addiction to corporate power and money in politics.

We, the People, will work one day at a time, everyday to defend the fighting chance that our young will have a society and planet worth inheriting by struggling to move forward a new social contract, a Twelve Step National Recovery Platform, that guarantees full recovery from the damage done by the disease of this addiction and the addiction system that serves it.

We, the undersigned, first call on our elected representatives to immediately declare their personal commitment to their rehabilitation from the addiction to power and moneyed interests, to making amends for the damage done by their use and abuse of our wealth and power, and to the sober recovery of our economy, society, governance and political system.

Will you sign?

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  • Joshua Merriman
    signed 2020-02-25 03:11:12 -0500