AOC Breaks-down "Under the Influence" of Corporate Power in 5 mins.

#SoberCongressperson, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, takes five minutes to explain to the world exactly what it means to have lawmakers, the White House, or anyone in US politics too "under the influence" of corporate power & money in politics.

Bannon's Billionaire: Greed and the Trump Cartels

If power and money in politics are addictive substances, then today was a big day for feeding the addiction.  It may or may not come as a surprise that a $10 million investment in Breitbart News from a silent billionaire moved Steve Bannon from investment banking into his lead role in his extreme brand of politics.  

Five years later, what was Steve Bannon's first stop on his way out of the Trump White House?  Now free, once again, to be openly in service to the interests of his long-time billionaire backer, Bannon met this this week with none other than Robert Mercer, the billionaire hedge fund tycoon behind the cash-infusion for Bretibart's once collapsing veins.  Mercer, though, may also be the-most-powerful-"megadonor"-behind-Trump-you've-never-heard-of.  In the 2016 elections alone, he infused $22.5 million in political contributions around the country.  He quickly and easily became the top donor to Trump's campaign before abandoning the Ted Cruz SuperPAC he had originally funded.

Mercer knows how to move his product.  After taking such a controlling interest in making Breitbart News the zygote for a would-be "Trump News Network", it was reported that the Mercers had injected millions into SuperPAC funds controlled by the Koch brothers. Moreover, though, Bob Mercer, whose income equals about $68,000 per hour, is also known for his massive financial support of the group Citizens United.  That is the "Citizen United" whose Supreme Court strategy led to the 5-4 ruling that money is unlimited, protected free speech for corporations because, as Mitt Romney put it, "corporations are people, my friend."  If Trump's campaign brought together the cartels, then Robert Mercer is the kingpin and Steve Bannon may very well be his top lieutenant in securing turf primacy for control of the American political addiction system.

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Faces of the Addiction System

We identify "wealth" and "power" as the substances of the addiction system. We call that addiction, simply, "greed". The Koch Brothers each put a face to those controlled by the disease, and this piece explores a network of corporate cartels and distributors, some of the lobbyist pushers, and a few political enablers who prop-up the disease of addiction that could never survive on its own.

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BLOW. Georgia's $50M Lesson in Addiction to Power & Money in Politics

Blinded and Blowing it, the Democratic Party and SuperPACs in Georgia Lose to the Addiction System Once Again...

Congressional Races vs. GA's 6th Spending Chart
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Trump submits to the addiction system

'He has brought Wall Street right into the White House'

President Trump is pushing back against Obama-era financial regulations, and Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., says that Trump has brought Wall Street right into the White House. 

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Six donors that Trump appointed gave almost $12 million with their families to back his campaign and the party

With his choice of restaurant executive Andrew Puzder to serve as his Labor secretary, President-elect Donald Trump has now tapped six big donors and fundraisers to serve in his administration, lining up an unprecedented concentration of wealthy backers for top posts.

Together with their families, Trump's nominees gave $11.6 million to support his presidential bid, his allied super PACs and the Republican National Committee, according to a Washington Post analysis of federal campaign filings.

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