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This fund supports public education and open access to Congressional Sobriety Test results through the end of the upcoming election cycle.
Contributions are not tax deductible.

One-time Support

You may want to donate regularly by joining our sustainers.

Any sober society knows corporations are not people, money is not speech, and only publicly funded political campaigns are not corrupted by the big moneyed interests.
What's It Worth?

What is an uncorrupted democracy worth to you?  The last election cost $8 billion in political ads alone

You decide the value.  Then, become an active supporter of the Intervention.  With your help we can continue:

  • the Congressional "sobriety test" with a deadline for any worthwhile amendment ratification
  • 12-Step National Recovery Platform from Addiction to Corporate Power & Money in Politics... the book AND the precinct-by-precinct national campaign
  • national chapter-building in every House and Senate District in the country,
  • bringing together tens of millions of Interventionists via 25 top US organizations in our National Support Group coalition and our big web-launch together,

Your willingness to give means we don't have to hit rock-bottom.  Together we can make history and build a fighting chance for the end of pay-to-play "democracy." 

For a society and planet worth inheriting, do add your recurring contribution to our united effort forward.  The beginning is near...

Who's donating: from Lafayette, CO donated. Thank you!