Failing the Test

When you fail the Sobriety Test, either by failing to make your commitment to this language, or by simply failing to take it, constituents are notified in the total sum of results reported to households in your state or congressional district before an election. We solely conduct this research and education for constituents. We have no partisan affiliation or inclination. We do not endorse candidates ever, nor do we encourage voters to vote for any particular candidates or political party. We, instead, ask candidates to endorse National Intervention, though this is not a part of the Sobriety Test results.

In addition, though, if we have a "Failed" status recorded for you, the National Support Group, Citizen Sponsors, and your Interventionist constituents may feel they have no choice left but to conduct a meaningful intervention.  You will be strongly encouraged to walk away from the addiction system and get the help you need. You may show your willingness by re-taking the test anytime, or by supporting the National 12-Step Recovery Platform presented by your constituents in order to repay the public for the damage caused when we are forced to feed the addiction at any cost. 

Support for those suffering as addicts or as enablers in relationship to those controlled by wealth and power addiction.