Oil & Gaslighting

Posted by Keandra Harkman

An Intervention for Total Recovery:

Addiction > Abuse > Extinction and the Plan for Reversibility

If you could travel in time to 2054, you might encounter a Global Day of Remembrance on the 100th anniversary of when those who made trillions from fossil fuels first knew what burning them would do to those still alive 100 year after they knew, but still chose to make a killing.

Children might ask:
"Why did they do it? If they knew, as early as 1954, what would happen to us, why did they do it?"

National Intervention's voice in 2054 will be as steady, clear, and accurate as it has always been. Our answer is, and always has been:

"Sometimes people know better, but they can't stop themselves. Sometimes other people have to stop them before it's too late."

You, our members, as interventionists, know that, together, we're the people drawing the strong boundaries in this all-important intervention.

That's why we need you to keep our chances of survival going.

What about those who need our intervention before it's too late for all of us? As we've said for the past 14 years, corporations are not people, but those who do their bidding have become so widely and deeply addicted to using and abusing our power against us that they need an intervention to stop the addiction from killing us all.

So, what exactly did "they" know. "They," are those real human people, getting hooked on our wealth and power. Their "corporations-as-people" have been securing their access to their substance since before the fossil fuel industry even existed. But, since at least the 1950s, this entire group of fossil fuels executives, at their own petroleum symposium, learned what feeding this addiction to corporate wealth and power (and making us all enablers) would mean.

  • In 1954, the fossil fuels industry, including the corporations that would become Chevron and BP, joined with other corporations to pay for a pollution research task force. The lead researcher foresaw impacts on the atmosphere, the oceans, and "civilization."
  • In the 1960s, these corporations, through their trade association, the American Petroleum Institute, learned even more about the existential dangers of their product.
  • As early as the 1970s, their own scientists monitored and reported on the crises that fossil fuels could and would cause.
  • In 1979, Exxon learned that avoiding emissions would avoid global heating and subsequent chaos, impacts, or extinction.
  • In the 1980s, Exxon knew from their own scientists' secret studies, leading to a 40-page comprehensive internal report about the devastation to come. 
  • Shell knew as early as 1986 from their own scientists' 100-page report declaring the emergency their product would create for life on earth.
  • In 1989, the industry clearly laid-out its intent to lie, to kill, for profit, instead of share the truth about what havoc their product would bring to this world.

For those who still doubt or deny what even the fossil fuels industry's own scientists have clearly known for decades, go ahead and accept what the industry manipulations have been telling you, go ahead and add-in any confusing information from the industry about global temperature patterns for millions of years and zingers about solar radiation bursts, corrupting foreign interests and conspiracies about all of Earth's scientists somehow getting bought-out (which would cost more money than there is, well, money), and still none of it can change what Big Oil knew from their own scientists. It is not debatable, but it is simple:

Emissions will still overheat the planet and pose a high risk of illness, catastrophe, and extinction to humans, their kids, and all living things.

All life on our only planet. As far as we know, the only life on any planet. National Intervention does not typically discuss all the many symptoms of this addiction system that rules our lives. Yet, this one seems like the one that could possibly motivate all of us. Is there any greater example of hitting rock bottom, of how addiction will destroy not only the sufferer, but eventually everyone and everything in its path?

They've known since at least 1954. Now we know they've known and have lied to the world for decades.
And our message then would have been what's it's always been:

Steady. Clear. Accurate.

We want you, the reader here, to make the choice, right now, to make it also effective, and to guarantee it will always be our message in the future.

If we cannot remain financially independent, we will become as vulnerable as any co-dependent enablers in the addiction system ruling our whole home.

We can continue to exist. ALL OF US. 

Using Resources, Not Abusing Them

If each of us continues to contribute some time, money, or both, our formidable volunteer network around the country, and, honestly, the country itself, can continue to exist. That means We, the People, have a fighting chance to not only save ourselves from the powerful addiction to corporate power & money in politics, but, while we're talking about the facts, it also means this:

We can tell humanity's children in 2054, that we ended this addiction's stranglehold on our government's policies just in time to reverse the damage wrought by greed. We can tell them we made recovery possible, maybe even inevitable.

If you are not a member, please become a member right now.
If you are not a volunteer, please consider how and where you might volunteer in any congressional district, precinct, or state.

If you haven't invited everyone who breathes air to do the same, please invite them, right now. Right now.


Yours, for #Recovery, 
All of us refusing to just watch this election and the consequences of this addiction happen once again to this world.