National Intervention Coordinating Committees

*All upcoming 2022 delegate and contact information for committee involvement will be sent to NICC & SNICC leadership nationally. Delegations should inform us if they have not received their packets in time.

Citizen Sponsors - the brigades in your congressional district who personally confront their elected officials' relationship to greed, the addiction to power & money in politics. These committee members communicate the need for recovery and articulate the strong boundaries necessary around wealth & power addiction behaviors.  Citizen Sponsors visit elected officials' offices and reach out to them by phone, email, social media, or with other web-based tools in order to advocate for their sobriety and hold them accountable to recovery in their relationship to their constituents. NICCs and SNICCS receive regular reports back to their local and national teams. 

SNICC, the Student National Intervention Coordinating Committee - SNICCers form at school or on campus, and choose nearby precincts to reach nonvoter households in order to share the results of the Official Sobriety Test for candidates on their ballot. Additionally, participating students often register voters on campus and throughout their congressional districts. Most voters who quit voting don't trust anyone who would run for office. However: a stunning 65% of nonvoters contacted by volunteers sharing the Sobriety Test results will vote in their next election. SNICCs are also typically the corps teams responsible for encouraging community members to form local NICCs and join the students in fighting for a future, society, democracy, and planet worth inheriting.

NICC, a National Intervention Coordinating Committee, is a structure at local and state levels that allows affiliated teams to do intervention work in their own districts, and collaborate with other links in the NICC chain, across their county and state chapters, as well as with the SNICCs and the national coordinating committee. The national NICC, NAT-NICC is comprised of delegates from all National Intervention NICCs and SNICCs.

The National Support Group - This anonymous and confidential support group of like-minded organizations and their staff comprises the home base for our sisters, brothers, and others in the non-profit industrial complex or the political industrial complex who feel the toxicity of codependent enabling in the addiction system. That is to say, those in typical "change agency" organizations and institutions feel forced to maintain the status quo because their missions are funded to treat only the symptoms of wealth & power addiction, not the underlying illness itself -- and not our role in feeding it, enabling it, or even benefitting from it.  If you've come to understand that your organization points one finger at the corrupting affects of wealth and power and uses the other finger to rub a little on their gums, this support groups knows all too well your concerns and dilemma. If you work for an organization or campaign that rails against the evils of powerful moneyed interests, but also depends on powerful moneyed interests, you'll likely feel more at ease in this circle.  If you find yourself frustrated or even heartbroken that every one step forward in policy-making or nonprofit work comes at the cost of a whole system's having moved 12 steps backward, consider safely joining these real people in these real meetings and webinars.  If you feel crazy for suggesting to your employer or immediate supervisor that strong boundaries against a rotten system of greed and its abuse are not only valid, but necessary, we're probably the National Intervention committee for you. The NSG is designed to support sober thoughts and actions in our lives and our work, one day at a time. 

Congressional Cupids - leading up to every Valentine's Day, the Cupids harvest love letters from around the country letting elected officials know that, if they can't end their affairs with their corporate sweethearts, we'll have to break up. The Cupids also lead the organization in the #GreatAmericanBreakUp, our economic intervention programming for addressing not only votes as an ingredient in the substance used and abused in greed addiction, but also the other two ingredients of wealth and power: labor and consumption. Breaking-up is hard to do. The Congressional Cupid make it a little easier, for constituents, consumers, candidates, and congresspeople alike.

Citizen Admirers - inter-connected local-state-national working groups responsible for encouraging every candidate and elected official who has chosen recovery, offering support and resources to reinforce their sober leadership. This committee also helps National Intervention members echo out the newest and most exciting additions to major national projects, from our upcoming book, the Twelve Step Guide to Recovery from Addiction to Money in Politics, to our annual Congressional Cupid love letters asking congress to end their affairs with their corporate sweethearts.