How does a US Constitutional amendment get ratified?

What does it take to get an amendment ratified as the Law of the Land in the United States Constitution?


If the Congress (both the House of Representatives and the Senate) passes the amendment language, then a minimum of 34 States must then move for a Constitutional Convention and vote to ratify the amendment language. Without a ratification vote from the US Congress, a minimum of 38 States is required to move forward with ratification.

We use satisfactory language to test candidates' relationship to the intoxicating influence of corporate power & money in politics. We do not conduct the work to approach ratification.

What We Do
Many important organizations work toward these ends. National Intervention, however, uses the satisfactory language in the the Official Sobriety Test (NIST) as a means to understand whether candidates may be too "under the influence" of corporate power & money in politics to be safely behind the wheel of democracy. After sharing the results with the half of the US that quit voting, over 65% of those non-voters will vote in the next election if at least one candidate has passed the NIST and our volunteers were able to contact them with the results of the Sobriety Test. We form national support groups, conduct compassion-centered interventions on those we think need help with their relationship to wealth & power in the addiction system, provide resources for those seeking recovery in their own lives, and 

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*As we grow to scale our US presidential and Congressional District operations to new statewide Senate programs, too, you may also want to share this explainer video of our field operations before it officially premieres later this year: